Charmin Ultra Commercials

Just Julie on those Charmin Ultra Commercials with the bears:

I just can’t stand this anymore! Those naked bears of t.v. wiping themselves ~~back and forth~~ in their private area is just disgusting! I mean, maybe I’m a prude when it comes to cartoon bears, but I DON’T WANT TO KNOW HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH!!! I mean, what, are the Charmin Ultra police gonna come crashing into my bathroom some night to judge if I’m using too little or too much toliet paper? That damn song! “What you thought was enough might be too much”??? Come on! It’s none of your goddamn business you creepy little toliet paper monitor! And the joy those bears are having, shaking their naked butts on the t.v.,AND the fact that it’s supposed to be a dad bear and his daughter bear. MY Dad never checked to see if I was using the right amount of toliet paper! That is just wrong! On so many levels, but mostly that damn song makes me want to KILLKILLKILL!!


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