Kilby Opposes Dean

State Senator Tommy Kilby (D-Wartburg) is urging Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Randy Button to oppose the candidacy of Howard Dean for chair of the Democratic National Committee:

“It is my greatest fear that should he be elected, many Democratic elected officials will abandon the party,” Kilby said. “We, as a party, must get back to mainstream America.

“We must open our party and allow people who are pro-life, pro-gun and pro-traditional marriage to have an active role in developing our platform and message,” he said. “The election of Howard Dean as chairman will be disastrous to any future election successes. We must change course or cease to be a national party and most likely a party at all.”

Wise words from a guy I don’t particularly care for. We shall see if the national Democratic party has learned anything. Here’s hoping they haven’t.

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