U.N. Official: America ‘Stingy’

Following $15 million in aid promise by the United States to help the nations effected by the tragic tsunami this week, the United Nations Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Jan Egeland has said he believes America and the West are “stingy,” the Washington Times reports. He goes on to suggest that taxes should be raised in order to provide more help, and that the taxpayers would support this because they “want to give more.”

Just what we need, a morality lecture from the U.N., a group that has the blood of millions on its hands. While Egeland is right that the American people do want to give more, he neglects to mention that doing so would not require taxes to be raised. Has he ever heard of private charities, like the Red Cross?

Probably not, since he comes from socialism-loving Scandinavia.

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