527 Fun

Those infamous 527 ads continue to cause controversy, particularly the ads produced by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. John Kerry is quite worked up about these commercials, and has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, alleging that the Bush Administration is illegally funding the ads. For some reason, Kerry thinks 527 ads (like those from Moveon.org) attacking Bush are just dandy, even though there is plenty of evidence that the Kerry campaign has illegally collaborated with his 527 allies (via Bill Hobbs and Blogs for Bush).

Kerry’s filing of a complaint with the FEC, and his call for bookstores not to keep Unfit for Command in stock show he does not respect free speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment (Additionally, Kerry has made his toughness an issue as well. You’d think a tough guy like him wouldn’t have to run and tattle to the FEC because he was offended). If these veterans are lying, why can’t he just clarify what really happened, perhaps by releasing his medical records. Maybe Kerry should consider a book burning for his next campaign event. As I’ve said before, I am not a big fan of questioning anyone’s military service. Yet, we should remember that it was Kerry who chose to make his service in Vietnam a major issue in this campaign. He knew there were many veterans out there who were not pleased with his postwar activities. He knew that there were those who disputed what he did in Vietnam. Therefore, it is hard to understand why he is so shocked by recent events.

This whole episode clearly illustrates the folly of McCain/Fiengold Campaign Finance Reform. Bush made a serious mistake in signing it, and the U.S. Supreme Court likewise erred by not throwing it out. Government imposed limits of free speech are not good for the Republic. This is simply more proof of this fact.

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