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Intolerant Religious Bigots

Tuesday, August 31st, 2004

It will come as no surprise that there are religious groups in our country who wish to impose their own views of morality on us through government coercion. What may surprise you, however, is the political ideology of these theocrats.

We hear much in the media about the so-called “Religious Right,” allegedly a group of homophobic, holier-than-thou zealots who wish to force morality down our throats. What we do not hear about is the Religious Left, a group of religious liberals whose socialist dreams of utopia are far more threatening to liberty, not to mention far less Christian.

The greatest bastion of religious liberalism is the National Council of Churches (NCC), and its close ally, the World Council of Churches (WCC). They are ecumenical coalitions of churches that include the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the Episcopal Church, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, among others. Both have an extensive history of support for communist and socialist causes. They long have been friendly to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, despite his suppression of religious liberties. They supported the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. During the Cold War they were so sympathetic to the Soviet Union that even former WCC president Konrad Raiser has acknowledged that the WCC failed the test of the Cold War.

One the home front as well, the NCC has consistently opposed liberty. The council strongly supported the “Million Mom March,” a march on Washington demanding more gun control laws. They oppose any and all tax cuts, because they feel the American people cannot be trusted to care for the poor without government coercion.

On the other hand, they have little to nothing to say on the topic of abortion. In fact, NCC member the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) had the dubious distinction of becoming the first major church in the U.S. to embrace partial-birth abortion. Apparently, Christian principals only apply when they are in keeping with liberal dogma.

Another leftist “religious” group, the World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC), led by Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) stated clerk Clifton Kirkpatrick recently denounced global capitalism. According to them, capitalism is creating “job loss and grinding poverty, an unprecedented rise in crime and violence, ecological degradation, and the spread of HIV/AIDS.” It’s hard to believe that an organization could hold such a ridiculous view. Of course, they will hate any system short of communism, so we should not be surprised.

Predictably, most liberal churches are losing members. This is a result of leadership much more interested in getting President Bush defeated in the upcoming election than spreading the Gospel. The church leaders don’t seem to mind, though. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the church I grew up in, recently re-elected their stated clerk, even though his tenure in office has seen 260,000 Presbyterians bolt. One definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing, expecting different results. Look for membership losses to continue.

The United Methodist Church includes many members, among them President Bush. Don’t expect him to get much support from the leadership of his church, however. “It is our judgment that some policies advanced by your administration give evidence of the spiritual forces of wickedness that exist in our society today,” read a document signed by 120 Methodist leaders (“Wickedness” is a world rarely used by moral relativists like these leaders. Generally, it is only reserved for Republicans). Mark Tooley, a reform leader within the Methodist Church, had the best response: “Bush is supposedly a bad Christian and a bad Methodist because, like most Methodists, he does not agree with these church officials in their equation of compassion with a large federal welfare state and in their opposition to a strong military defense for America. These United Methodist officials are effectively telling the president he is not a good Christian because his policies do not match their own left-wing beliefs.”

The Episcopal Church recently made headlines by electing an openly gay bishop, a move that could lead to a schism within the church. It is quite ironic that the staunchest opponents of the gay bishop come from the developing world, the people whom liberals claim to love the most. Apparently, these Christians in the developing world did something most religious liberals never have: they read the Bible.

The Religious Left’s leaders have little support, even within the churches they lead. They remain in power largely due to bureaucracies and good old boy networking. They will continue to try to create socialist utopias on earth while attempting to pass off their plans as Godly acts. These attempts to legislate morality will continue to be ignored by the press. In the meantime, their flock will continue to seek refuge in churches that still embrace Christianity. Will these “leaders” ever see the light? We can only pray. After all, all things are possible with God.

Kerry Daughters Booed

Monday, August 30th, 2004

Does this bode well for the future?

‘Net History

Sunday, August 29th, 2004

Here is an interesting article about the history of the internet. Did you know it is 35 years old?

20,000 Hits!!!!

Sunday, August 29th, 2004

This blog and my website have combined for 20,000 hits over the past year. Thanks to everyone for their repeated visits!

Random Thoughts

Friday, August 27th, 2004

A few random thoughts as we prepare for the weekend…

I just finished reading Modern Times, by prominent British historian Paul Johnson. All I can say is that it is a wonderful history book. Johnson is extremely opinionated, but he backs up all his assertions with facts. He certainly captures the bloody history of the past century, and doesn’t sugarcoat the crimes of Mao, Stalin, and other communists, something historians are sometimes guilty of. At the risk of giving away the ending, I wish to quote Johnson’s final paragraph, which I believe sums up today quite well:

“Certainly, by the last decade of the century, some lessons had plainly been learned. But it was not yet clear whether the underlying evils which had made possible its catastrophic failures and strategies – the rise of moral relativism, the decline of personal responsibility, the repudiation of Judeo-Christian values, not least the arrogant belief that men and women could solve all the mysteries of the universe by their own unaided intellects – were in the process of being eliminated. On that would depend the chances of the twenty-first century becoming, by contrast, an age of hope for mankind.”

Can’t this idiot just go away? He’s already caused UT and the state far too much grief. He doesn’t even deserve his $4,800 grill, let alone any severance pay.

It turns out that the recent plane crashes in Russia were indeed terrorist acts. We’ll see what Putin does in response.

Our religious left pals are at it again.

Bush Leads Kerry

Thursday, August 26th, 2004

Some good news for President Bush!

Wheel Tax Refund?

Thursday, August 26th, 2004

Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale is going to recommend that everyone who has already paid his wheel tax get a refund should the matter be voted down.

“‘That’s what we’ve always said,’ county spokesman Mike Cohen said Wednesday.”

Yep, just like they always said the tax was to fund a west Knox high school, not a library or anything like that. But I digress. Actually, it is classy of Ragsdale to return the money he already pilfered from the pockets of Knox County taxpayers. I have to give him just a smidgen of kudos for that. Of course, if the past few month are any indication, he’s liable to change his mind again.


Wednesday, August 25th, 2004

TN4W is a new blog dedicated to keeping Tennessee Bush country. Among the contributers are well known Tennessee bloggers Matthew White, Bill Hobbs, and Nathan Moore. It is very well done, and definately deserves a look!


Wednesday, August 25th, 2004

TN4W is a new blog dedicated to keeping Tennessee Bush country. Among the contributers are well known Tennessee bloggers Matthew White, Bill Hobbs, and Nathan Moore. It is very well done, and definately deserves a look!

527 Fun

Wednesday, August 25th, 2004

Those infamous 527 ads continue to cause controversy, particularly the ads produced by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. John Kerry is quite worked up about these commercials, and has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, alleging that the Bush Administration is illegally funding the ads. For some reason, Kerry thinks 527 ads (like those from attacking Bush are just dandy, even though there is plenty of evidence that the Kerry campaign has illegally collaborated with his 527 allies (via Bill Hobbs and Blogs for Bush).

Kerry’s filing of a complaint with the FEC, and his call for bookstores not to keep Unfit for Command in stock show he does not respect free speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment (Additionally, Kerry has made his toughness an issue as well. You’d think a tough guy like him wouldn’t have to run and tattle to the FEC because he was offended). If these veterans are lying, why can’t he just clarify what really happened, perhaps by releasing his medical records. Maybe Kerry should consider a book burning for his next campaign event. As I’ve said before, I am not a big fan of questioning anyone’s military service. Yet, we should remember that it was Kerry who chose to make his service in Vietnam a major issue in this campaign. He knew there were many veterans out there who were not pleased with his postwar activities. He knew that there were those who disputed what he did in Vietnam. Therefore, it is hard to understand why he is so shocked by recent events.

This whole episode clearly illustrates the folly of McCain/Fiengold Campaign Finance Reform. Bush made a serious mistake in signing it, and the U.S. Supreme Court likewise erred by not throwing it out. Government imposed limits of free speech are not good for the Republic. This is simply more proof of this fact.