Redd on the Run

Perry Redd is on the run, so reports the News-Sentinel. Why is this blog worthy, you ask? Well, some of you may recall the infamous antiwar protest held at the University Center here at UT in March 2003. We were there with plenty of placards supportive of Bush and the liberation of Iraq.

Anyway, Mr. Redd was there protesting the war, and we had a slight conflict with him. Bethany Stover had a rather intense argument with ol’ Perry, that was immortalized in the pages of the Knoxville News-Sentinel, and was later picked up by a Chinese news outlet. Since the Sentinel story is no longer online, I proudly present to you the photo below, which appeared in the March 6, 2003 edition of the Knoxville News-Sentinel. Look closely in the left-hand corner, and you can see me. I’m the guy with the jacket and the bizarre squinty face..

So there you have it. Bethany and the rest of us (especially Bethany) were arguing with an alleged coke addict. Who would have ever imagined there would be criminals among all those peace-loving protesters?

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