Three Things..

It looks like former national security advisor Sandy Berger has gotten himself into some trouble. He claims he inadvertently took home some notes and files, but that seems kind of far-fetched to this pundit.

The wheel tax petition continues to pick up steam. Today’s News-Sentinel reports that the petition is nearing the required number of signatures to force the matter on the ballot. I encourage everyone who has the opportunity to sign the petition, and let the voters decide instead of Mike Ragsdale and 16 county commissioners. If Ragsdale is correct and the wheel tax is necessary, then he should be able to make his case to the voters. Sure, it might be harder to do this than to simply threaten to raise property taxes if he doesn’t get his way, but most voters want to know why this tax is needed.

Finally, from the hypersensitivity department… Democrats are angry over Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (R-CA) “girlie men” remark, calling it “sexist” and “homophobic.” Come on guys, get a life!

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