Labor Unions and People Who Dress Like Chickens

So I’m surfing the ‘net bored today, and, on a lark, I type in “Living Wage Chicken.” For those who don’t know, the Living Wage Chicken is an apparently disturbed individual who runs around in a chicken costume. You can generally see him/her/it at Progressive Student Alliance and United Campus Workers rallies (are they communists? The speculation continues.)

Anyways, I found this. Turns out the giant bird (obviously a Big Bird rip-off) has a name (”Loretta”), and “will be sure to act wherever there is injustice.” Right now, I’m thinking that it’s an injustice that the UT community has to be subjected to such stupidity… The UT workers (or at least their big labor leaders) must have a lot of time on their hands to come up with this crap.

All I can say is I’m now craving KFC…

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