Oak Ridge Peaceniks

The Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance is at it again. You may know them as the group that sponsors periodic protests against nuclear weapons in from of Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, and other rabble rousing. Recently, four individuals were arrested at one of their protests, who were doubtlessly engaged in idiotic behavior.

This time the OREPA is visiting the United Nations, trying to get UN weapons inspectors to inspect Y-12. I’m sure they’d like for the team of inspectors to be led by Scott Ritter (or at least Hans Blix). The reason? Because nuclear weapons make us less secure, of course.

They’re right; nuclear weapons in the hands of Kim Jong Il or Saddam Hussein do make us less secure, which is why it is imperative that we prevent rulers such as these from acquiring them. Of course, that isn’t what the OREPA is trying to accomplish. Instead, they don’t want America to have nukes.

Stop and consider what would happen if the U.S. got rid of all our nuclear weapons. In the pink elephant inhabited world of Ralph Hutchison (coordinator of the “peace” alliance), maybe Russia, China, Pakistan, and North Korea would follow suit. But in the real world we would be left with little to deter an attack on our nation far worse than 9/11. The threat of nuclear annihilation keeps our enemies in line. It might not be politically correct, but it is undeniable. If the OREPA would step outside their coffee shops for a while, maybe they could understand this simple fact.

Instead of agitating for worthless UN inspectors in Oak Ridge, we should be working to ensure that no nukes wind up in the hands of North Korea or al Qeada. The OREPA can have their fun. The rest of us should concentrate on more pressing concerns, like protecting civilization.

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