Internet Tax

I like Lamar Alexander, but he disappoints me in his opposition to a ban on internet taxes. Senator Alexander has joined forces with Sen. Tom Carper (D-Delaware) to fight a proposal to ban internet taxes, a position supported by President Bush. Sen. McCain (R-Arizona) has proposed a “compromise bill” that would put a ban into place for four years. Alexander also opposes this (something is very wrong when a Republican criticizes McCain from the left).

The argument is that such a ban infringes on the rights of states to levy taxes. While protecting states’ rights in generally a good thing, protecting their right to suppress freedoms is not. The internet is probably the most free and open market in the world today. Anyone is free to do just about anything on it. People have made careers on the net (see Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge). As Americans, we should seek to keep the ‘net free of regulation, and allow it to remain a free market of products and ideas.

As for states losing money, please. Perhaps if Tennessee got rid of the monstrosity known as TennCare, we wouldn’t be having all the problems we are. Besides, there’s already far too many things the government can tax.

Let’s not add the internet to that list.

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