Hamas Leader Killed

The War on Terror continues in the Middle East, as the Israeli military killed Hamas’ spiritual leader. Sheik Ahmed Yassin, who founded Hamas, was killed by an Israeli missile. This can only be viewed as a major victory against terrorism.

The execution was condemned by the UN, in exhibit 2,546,776 of the UN’s anti-Semitism. Yassin was an evil man with the blood of hundreds (if not thousands) on his hands. This is a man who even killed his own brother because he suspected him of collaborating with “the Jews.” Memo to the UN… if someone forms an organization dedicated to the destruction of a democratic nation, and murders hundreds of that nation’s citizens, it is within that nation’s right to retaliate. Had any other country (except for maybe the United States) done what Israel did, they would at worst be ignored, and at best be praised by the UN. But since Israel was the nation, they get UN condemnation.

President Bush, to his credit, has not condemned Israel. I personally praise Sharon, for his leadership against such a harsh aggressor.

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