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The Fighting French

Wednesday, March 31st, 2004

So Sukhmani Singh Khalsa’s column yesterday contained some funny criticism of France…

“When a man speaks French, it sounds like very perverted man doing a disgusting impression of swallowing his own tongue. Those concerned with my safety can relax. I don’t believe UT has a club of French students. But even if they did, what are they going to do? Use violence? Defend themselves? Yeah, right.”

Hahaha. I thought it was pretty funny. Sadly, some Francophiles out there did not concur… Ashley Maynor and Marie Lerichomme both wrote letters-to-the-editor complaining about Sukhmani’s lack of respect for Frogs. But they had no reason to be angered. Sukhmani was only criticizing French men, both the letter writters are women!

Should there be a Living Wage?

Tuesday, March 30th, 2004

The living wage is an issue that has been debated on the UT campus for some now. It has become a prime issue for the Progressive Student Alliance and their special friend, the Living Wage Chicken (whom I someday hope to meet).

So I was not surprised to read Thomas Walker’s column today, explaining to us how absurd it is to oppose such a wage. The question that Walker does not answer is, What exactly is a living wage? Is it $10 an hour? Or is it $15? $25, perhaps?

The problem with the living wage movement (as Sukhmani Singh Khalsa pointed out last semester) is that it will actually hurt the very people it claims to help. Let’s be honest. UT staff (with some exceptions) tend to be largely poorly educated and unskilled. This is not a knock on them, it is merely a fact. Now, if the amount they were paid was raised, does it not stand to reason that so would the qualifications required for the job? In that case, who would be the first to get laid off, fired, or not hired in the first place? The uneducated and unskilled, of course!

The best way to improve your standard of living is through improving your skills. This does not necessarily involve going to school. I personally have flipped burgers at Dairy Queen, ran a cash register at Family Dollar, and bagged groceries at Piggly Wiggly. The most I ever made at any of these jobs was $5.50/hour. But I did learn from them. I learned to show up to work on time. I learned to take responsibility. I learned to treat my bosses and customers with respect. And I learned how to market myself to prospective employers. These skills are still valuable to me long after I spent all the money I earned at these jobs.

But John, what about those who are stuck in these jobs forever? There are such people, but most who are stuck at entry level positions are trapped there because of their own fault. As Thomas Sowell has pointed out, fewer than 3 percent of those in the bottom 20 percent of wage earners in 1975 were still there in 1991, while 39 percent had reached the top 20 percent. The idea that people are trapped in a certain wage bracket forever is largely a myth.

While it may be emotionally stimulating to support a “living wage,” it is ultimately harmful to the poor. They will be the ones who suffer most should it be implemented.

Besides, it’s hard to sympathize with the “living wage” movement, when you see crime log entries like this.

So I annoyed a liberal

Monday, March 29th, 2004

Last week, my column dealt with taxation, and how it is very excessive in America.

Some people did not like my take, among them Justin Fletcher, who wrote a letter-to-the-editor of the Daily Beacon, arguing that my logic is flawed. Fletcher claims that taxing the rich can be used to employ people in government jobs, and trashes me for ignoring this fact in my column. He’s right, I didn’t mention this in my article, but I excluded it because that falls under the category of Keynesian economics, which is a philosophy I oppose. Generally, and this can be demonstrated through volumes of empirical evidence, when a job can be filled by a private company instead of through government employees, it is almost always better to do so. The idea that Fletcher is supporting (though he doesn’t say so) is socialism. Socialism can work well, if you don’t mind the mass murder it often results in.

My critic closes with the following gem, “I also find it ironic that a student of a public university would have such a disdain for the taxes that make his education possible.” I never once said I opposed funding education. In fact, I clearly said I did not think all taxes should be abolished. Yes, it’s true that I would like to see the federal government take a much less intrusive role in public education (turning it over to state and local governments).

The insinuation behind Fletcher’s statement is that since I benefit from taxation, I should love it. But this is a flawed argument. I (and everyone) have benefited from wars (the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and WWII, to name a few). They have made my freedom possible. Does that mean that I should love war? Am I hypocrite if I don’t?

Taxation is a necessary evil, but it is far more excessive than it should be. Anyone who claims otherwise is simply blind by choice.

Happy Birthday to me!

Thursday, March 25th, 2004

Today is my 23rd birthday, so be sure and get me something. Just kidding.

Go Chapman

Wednesday, March 24th, 2004

Aaron Chapman made it into the Daily Beacon yesterday. Go Chapman!

Kerry Exposed

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004

Sukhmani Singh Khalsa has a great column in today’s Daily Beacon concerning John Kerry. Don’t miss it!

Hamas Leader Killed

Monday, March 22nd, 2004

The War on Terror continues in the Middle East, as the Israeli military killed Hamas’ spiritual leader. Sheik Ahmed Yassin, who founded Hamas, was killed by an Israeli missile. This can only be viewed as a major victory against terrorism.

The execution was condemned by the UN, in exhibit 2,546,776 of the UN’s anti-Semitism. Yassin was an evil man with the blood of hundreds (if not thousands) on his hands. This is a man who even killed his own brother because he suspected him of collaborating with “the Jews.” Memo to the UN… if someone forms an organization dedicated to the destruction of a democratic nation, and murders hundreds of that nation’s citizens, it is within that nation’s right to retaliate. Had any other country (except for maybe the United States) done what Israel did, they would at worst be ignored, and at best be praised by the UN. But since Israel was the nation, they get UN condemnation.

President Bush, to his credit, has not condemned Israel. I personally praise Sharon, for his leadership against such a harsh aggressor.

NCAA Tourney

Sunday, March 21st, 2004

Congrats to UAB, who stunned top ranked Kentucky today. Taking down the Wildcats definately scores the Blazers points in my book. Since UNC and Gonzaga are gone, and Tennessee didn’t even make it to the dance, I guess I’m supporting the Cinderella teams now, Nevada, and the two schools from Bama.

Kerry on Defense

Saturday, March 20th, 2004

I recieved this e-mail today and thought it merits being shared. Thanks to Sharon Bogaty!

“John Kerry on Defense –I knew he voted against most Defense Appropriations, but I hadn’t seen this list printed until today.

He voted to kill the Bradley Fighting Vehicle
He voted to kill the M-1 Abrams Tank
He voted to kill every Aircraft carrier laid down from 1988
He voted to kill the Aegis anti aircraft system
He voted to Kill the F-15 strike eagle
He voted to Kill the Block 60 F-16
He voted to Kill the P-3 Orion upgrade
He voted to Kill the B-1
He voted to Kill the B-2
He voted to Kill the Patriot anti Missile system
He voted to Kill the FA-18
He voted to Kill the B-2
He voted to Kill the F117

In short, he voted to kill every military appropriation for the development and deployment of every weapons systems since 1988 to include the battle armor for our troops. With Kerry as president our Army will be made up of naked men running around with sticks and clubs.

He also voted to kill all anti terrorism activities of every agency of the U.S. Government and to cut the funding of the FBI by 60%, to cut the funding for the CIA by 80%, and cut the funding for the NSA by 80%.

But then he voted to increase OUR funding for U.N operations by 800%!!!

Is THIS a President YOU want?”

Is California Crazy?

Saturday, March 20th, 2004

Here’s something you just don’t see in Tennessee…