Happy V-Day, Credit Where Credit is Due, and a Response

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy V-Day! What? You’ve never heard of V-Day? Well, take a look at this. Our tuition and tax dollars at works, folks!

I also want to congratulate my good pals Adam Groves and Elizabeth Lovell. Adam has been named campaign operations director for Billy Stokes, a candidate for State Senate. Elizabeth’s Mock Trial team had an impressive showing at regional competition, and now advance to nationals. Best of luck to Elizabeth.

Finally, there was a letter-to-the-editor from Tim Parker critiquing my my last column. Parker claims that President Bush “…used the fear of the nation to advance his own political agenda to dismantle a guy that went after his ‘daddy,’” and goes on to state that. “If this becomes his greatest achievement as president, he will be a forgotten leader very soon.” No proof is offered of these assertions, of course.

Anyway, since I have two tests this week, I better hit the books. Wish me luck!

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