Conservatives Vs President Bush

My column ran today, which is pretty much a continuation of my column from last week. I’ve received mostly positive reaction to it, which I’m always happy to get.

Another column ran today, which caught my attention. That column was written by Le Evans, who’s column also usually runs on Thursdays. I often disagree with Evan’s views, but I respect his opinions, and he is an excellent writer. I normally read his columns.

In any event, his column today was particularly interested, as it dealt with conservatives who are disgruntled with President Bush’s massive expansions of domestic policies. I am one of those conservatives. Evans speculates as to whether conservatives may stay home during the election. He seemed to suggest that, though they may not be thrilled, ultimately they will go to the polls and vote for Bush. I tend to agree with this assessment. Bush is not very conservative on many issues (immigration, Medicare, etc.), but he is certainly more conservative than any of the Democrats running for president. Don’t look for another Ross Perot to emerge this year.

The long terms effects of big government conservative may be more serious, however. If the government continues to expand at it’s current rate with Republicans controlling both houses of Congress and the Presidency, conservatives may slowly bolt. Where will they go? Perhaps to the Libertarian Party, or perhaps to some other party. For the good of the Republican Party (not to mention the country as a whole), Bush and the Congressional Republicans need to return to their principles of limited government.

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