Mad Cows and Mad Democrats

It never ceases to amaze me how opportunistic candidates for public office can be. The recent Mad Cow scare has offered more opportunities for opportunism.

Whose fault do you think the so-called “Mad Cow outbreak” is? Well, if you believe Howard Dean and John Kerry, it is President Bush’s fault. Both are blasting the president for not doing more to prevent it. As usual, they provide the same tired and true liberal solutions: more money for more agencies. Thus we should be taxed even more to fund programs to prevent Mad Cow disease, even though no American has ever contracted Mad Cow disease from eating beef in the United States.

In my view, this whole media circus with Mad Cow disease has gotten way out of hand. Exactly one cow and one state has been found that suffers from it. No human does. Your chances are better of dying from salmonella or choking to death on beef are greater. Let’s get some perspective here, folks. I’m not saying that this incident doesn’t deserve attention, but it’s been blown way out of proportion. There is no reason to be afraid at this point.

The Democrat’s exploitation of this “crisis” is predictable. My only question for them is this: Why didn’t you make any of these suggestions before the Mad Cow Scare?

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