We Got Him!

Obviously, the capture of Saddam Hussein is the biggest news item of the day. Our military continues to do an outstanding job in Iraq, and President Bush continues his tremendous leadership, as evidenced by his speech. Kind of makes you feel sorry for Evelyn G. Freeman of Seymour, who had a letter printed in today’s News-Sentinel bemoaning Bush’s inability to capture Saddam. There was much jubilation both in Iraq, as well as in America, and throughout the world.

It’s great that Saddam was captured alive. Now he can be interrogated. Perhaps we can find out where the WMDs are, and what countries he may have bribed (France and Russia are just a little nervous). Hopefully, he’ll also speak on his ties to international terrorism. An Australian news source is reporting that a hand written letter found on Saddam could provide the crucial link. The letter could even detail Iraqi involvement in the September 11 attacks. So much for the “Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11″ argument.

What should become of Saddam? He could be turned over to the Hague, sent to Gitmo, or face trial in Iraq. I would tend to support the latter. The problems of the Hague are plain to see. How long has Sloban Milosevic been on trial? Put Saddam, Chemical Ali, and some other top level scum on trial in Baghdad, much like the Nuremberg trials just after World War II. This would not only virtually assure Saddam would be severely punished, but it would also give closure to the Iraqi people, and give credibility to the Iraqi Governing Council. Make sure to interrogate Saddam for all he’s worth first, though.

Regardless of whether or not the link is established, today is a day to celebrate the capture of one of the most evil men of our time. Everyone, regardless of their stance on the war, should be happy about the capture of Saddam Hussein.

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