The Race for the Fourth Congressional District

In what could be one of the most crucial Congressional races in the nation, Democrat Lincoln Davis will defend his seat in Congress against a Republican challenger. Davis was first elected in 2002 when the seat was vacated by Van Hilleary, who ran for governor. Davis narrowly defeated Republican Janice Bowling to win, running as an old school conservative Southern Democrat. Since being elected, he has not exactly governed as such, generally voting with the liberal Democrats and taking plenty of money from some pretty leftist folks, as Josh Parker points out.

As of right now, there are two Republicans vying to challenge Davis. First there is Janice Bowling, who was defeated by Davis in ‘02. Bowling is a former Tullahoma Alderwoman and worked for former Congressman and Gubernatorial candidate Van Hilleary. She has described herself as a “pistol packing mama.” In ‘02, she portrayed herself as, among other things, tax cutter and a dixiecrat (Trent Lott, eat your heart out!).

The other candidate is Brock Hill, the Mayor of Cumberland County. Hill has worked to create jobs in Cumberland County, and has served during an amazing period of economic development for the area. He also worked to keep taxes low, as well as increase tourism and improve the schools in Cumberland County. Hill has earned praise from Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, which is a huge plus in my book during this time of increased spending and huge deficits. I like just about anyone who gets praise from Norquist.

It’s still early in the race, but I must say I’m impressed with Hill’s campaign thus far. As a native of Harriman, I can attest that great things have happened in Cumberland County over the past decade. Plus we definitely need some fiscal conservatives in Washington now!

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