Davis to Endorse Clark

Congressman Lincoln Davis, the Democrat representing Tennessee’s Fourth District, has decided to endorse Wesley Clark for the Democratic nomination. This is hardly a surprise. Davis ran for congress last year posing as a conservative Democrat, but has voted largely in sync with liberal Democrats. While Davis claims to be conservative, he has taken plenty of money from liberal groups, and has paled around with well known liberals, like Al Gore and Nanci Pelosi. Clark’s numerous flip flops are well documented. Davis and Clark are both largely political opportunists, whose core beliefs have been sacrificed, which makes them natural allies.

It’s football time in Tennessee again, and tomorrow UT will face arch rival Kentucky. Kentucky has been a Jeckyl and Hyde team this season, having come a hair away from upsetting Florida, and pushed Arkansas into 7 overtimes before falling 71-63. On the other hand, they also lost to Vanderbilt two weeks ago. Tennessee has been looking good since their victory in Miami, and hopefully that trend will continue. The last time UT and KY met in Lexington, the Vols fell behind 21-0, but rallied to win 38-35. Let’s hope they don’t have to rally this year. My prediction… Tennessee 45, Kentucky 20.

As of right now, assuming Texas A&M doesn’t mount a huge rally, I am 6-0 (1.00) for the week!

My other picks: Alabama over Hawaii, Georgia over Georgia Tech (hope I’m wrong on this one!), Florida over Florida State, West Virginia over Temple, Missouri over Iowa State, Southern Miss over East Carolina, Memphis over South Florida, Boise State over Nevada, Virginia Tech over Virginia, Maryland over Wake Forest, Bowling Green over Toledo, Syracuse over Rutgers, and Pittsburgh over Miami

Record last week: 18-3 (.860)
Overall: 35-8 (.810)

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