Thought Police Target Daily Beacon

On my way to class this morning in the Humanities and Social Sciences Building, I was greeted with a number of flyers. These flyers declared that Daily Beacon was a “conservative rag,” and speculated that it might be operated by Fox News. Another flyer called for a boycott of the Beacon (boycotting a free newspaper? Think that will be effective?).

The idea that the Daily Beacon, or any student newspaper at any university this side of Liberty University or Brigham Young is laughable. In the case of the Beacon, it certainly is more balanced that most student newspapers, as it does have two conservative columnists (myself and Sukhmani Singh Khalsa). However, virtually every other regular columnist is liberal. Apparently, having two conservative columnists makes a newspaper a “conservative rag.”

I would suspect that these flyers are tied to the controversy engulfing the UT Issues Committee and conservative columnist Sukhmani Singh Khalsa, who exposed the committee for the bigoted propagandist machine that it is. People are starting to talk, and the story has reached the national media, as Fox News has picked up the story. Locally, Sukhmani appeared on a local radio station to address the issue, and Eye on the Left has picked up the story. The Daily Beacon also published four letters today, two of which are supportive of Sukhmani’s position (Sonja Oswalt and Adrienne Royer), and two of which are critical (Tracy Windeknecht and Melissa Adams) How’s that for fair and balanced? Adams rallies around the flag of free speech. Tell that to Kappa Sigma fraternity.

Update: Oklahoma’s NewsRadio 1000 has picked up the story. Also, the petition drive made it into the Daily Beacon’s crime log (Sat, 11:47 AM).

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