Boyd Makes Us Proud, Issues Committee Makes Us Ashamed

The UT College Republicans were asked to leave while attempting to gather signatures for a petition requesting action be taken against the liberally biased Issues Committee. A group of police officers were sent by the Dean of Students J.J. Brown (no relation, I assure you) to order these students to leave. I arrived in time to see the officers talking with the students. College Republicans member Justin Cook explained the situation to the officers, who appeared sympathetic. They then acknowledged that since the signatures were being gathered on a sidewalk, they could not force the students to leave. The officers were very respectful, and apparently working only under the orders of Dean Brown.

As I see it, what we have here is a clear case of attempted suppression of speech. The students were peacefully trying to gather signatures for their petition, which they obviously have the right to do. As was reported yesterday, action is not likely to be taken against Justin Rubenstein, the Issues Committee Member who described Sukhmani Singh Khalsa as a “raghead.” I guess some speech is more free than others in the eyes of the UT Administration. I will be reporting more about this situation as I learn it.

Also, WBIR Channel 10, The Tennessean, and Instapundit have picked up the story. Look for this story to go national!

Also, today is the fortieth anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. My fellow Beacon columnist Le Evans had this sympathetic column about the event. George Will had this more critical column about Kennedy.

Finally, my football prognostications this week went especially well, as I have an 18-3 record (.860) for the week, and a 29-8 overall record (.780).

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