Conservatives Under Fire at UT

The UT Issues Committe, as you no doubt know, is undeniably leftist. They have almost exclusively brought liberal speakers to campus, including Scott Ritter (who was on Saddam Hussein’s payroll), Howard Zinn, Ralph Nader, Sy Hersh, and others. The lone recent exception was Tucker Carlson. This fact is obvious to all casual and honest observers, so it came as no surprise with my friend and colleague Sukhmani Singh Khalsa wrote a column about it last week, and brought into question their $90,000 budget, financed by the students and taxpayers.

Not surprisingly, this column enraged the committee, who proceeded to send out e-mails about it. Little did they know, they had forgotten to remove a former member from the list server. This member had resigned after attempting to make the committee more balanced, and having all his suggested speakers shot down. In an attempt to make the committee more accountable, he made the e-mails public.

Some of these e-mails included pure, seething hatred. Issues Committee member Justin Rubenstein compared Sukhmani (who is a Sikh) to a terrorist, and said, “if you see one of those ragheads, shoot him right in the fucking face.” Another member, Warren Denning, acknowledged that the committee is indeed liberal leaning, and that they had “nothing to apologize for.”

The actions of the Issues Committee are so outrageous that they made front page news in the Daily Beacon, and will be covered on the Knoxville CBS affiliate, WVLT Volunteer TV tonight at 5:30. Sukhmani also wrote this column about the incidents, which ran in the Daily Beacon today. The UT College Republicans also issued this press release.

This whole episode illustrated how intolerant liberals are, and how they have a virtual stranglehold on UT (and most colleges). Justin Rubenstein should be held accountable for his words, in a similar manner as how they dealt with a fraternity involved in a blackface incident last year. Unfortunately, while many of the faculty rightly condemned the incident, so far the faculty hasn’t followed suit this time. Whether or not they do so will say a lot.

In the meantime, the Issues Committee needs serious reforms. These far left speakers they bring on our dime must be balanced. Rubenstein and the committee’s faculty advisor, Edee Vaughan, need to be held accountable. Such bigotry (both religious and ideological) should not be subsidized by our money!

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