President Bush in London

President Bush is now in London, and is receiving royal treatment from the Queen. I’ve never been a big fan of the royals, but I must say I’m impressed with them making Bush a guest in Buckingham Palace (the first U.S. President since Woodrow Wilson). We definitely have good neighbors across the pond with the royal family.

We also have some bad neighbors, as evidenced by the protestors who are greeting President Bush. These protesters aren’t antiwar, they are a unique conglomerate of Islamic radicals, socialists, and communists. They care nothing about peace, they only want the destruction of American, capitalism, and Western culture. They are also being egged on by London’s socialist mayor. Too bad they can’t all be as principled as Tony Blair. Amir Taheri has a great article on the true nature of these “peaceniks” at National Review Online.

I am always a big fan of cutting back on government, and it appears as though Knoxville Mayor-elect Bill Haslam may be doing just that. Hopefully Haslam will continue in this direction, which is in stark contrast to outgoing Mayor Victor Ashe’s administration.

Yesterday my column dealing with the Israel/Palestinian problem ran in the Daily Beacon. I expected this to be a controversial one, and today this response was printed. I will respond briefly to this response. First, there is no comparison between Israel and South Africa’s Apartheid. Do Palestinians sometimes get treated unfairly? Perhaps. But to say there is a comparison between the two situations is insane when there are Muslims serving in the Israeli Parliament. How many Jews are there in the Palestinian Authority? The letter writer also mentions Israel’s military and nuclear strength. Perhaps that in itself is proof the Israelis position is superior. Israel could wipe out the Palestinians if it wanted to, but doesn’t.

Also, the UN condemnations of Israel only proves my point that the UN is an anti-Semitic organization. As for Arabs also being Semites, yes, technically this is true. However, anti-Semitism is universally understood to be directed towards Jews. The letter writer is really splitting hairs here. As for Turkey’s oppression of the Kurds, it was totally irrelevant to the point of my column. I do stand corrected on the point about the Guardion, however…

Word to the wise: Read the Daily Beacon tomorrow. There will be an interesting story!

Finally, I guess I would be remiss not to mention Wacko Jacko’s latest scandal. If he’s guilty I hope he goes away for good.

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