North Korea: Heaven on Earth

I already did one update a little while ago, but this was just too good not to comment on. It seems that our good friends at the National Council of Churches sent a group of what Lenin referred to as “Useful Idiots” to North Korea under the guise of religion. These news stories are so surreal they are difficult to believe that they were written with a straight face. Take for instance this quote: “…sobering to us was the North Korean understanding of the role that the U.S. played in creating and perpetuating the division,” according to Victor Hsu, one of the Fellow Travelers. I wonder if Hsu thinks Korea would be better off united under Kim Jong Il (who, shockingly, isn’t mentioned)? Then they could all starve in unity! The more I learn, the more convinced I become that the NCC REALLY is a communist organization.

Here’s some more “news”, which appears to be plagiarized from North Korea State Newspapers. Here’s some more fun quotes:

“…urge the President to continue with negotiations with North Korea.” Yeah, since it worked so well for Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

“The ecumenical community to continue to nurture their ties with the Christian community on the Korean peninsula and to renew its cooperation in common advocacy, information sharing and regular visits, particularly to the isolated Christian family in North Korea.” Why exactly are they isolated? And aren’t you worried that visiting them might get them in trouble, since practicing Christianity is a capital offense there? Maybe the regime makes exceptions for Commie-Christians, though.

“We encourage the international community particularly those countries in the region, to participate as actively as appropriate. It is our conviction that diplomacy and negotiations remain the best approach for finding durable solutions.” Yep, by “those countries in the region” we all know they mean China, Vietnam, and Laos. And again, diplomacy and negotiations did work for Clinton and Carter, didn’t it?

“The international community to respond generously to the 2004 UN Appeal for US$ 200 million for North Korea humanitarian assistance. The delegation is deeply concerned about the severe drop in the quantity of aid on the part of the U.S. government. It urges the Bush administration to continue the American tradition of generosity and compassion in regard to the UN North Korea Appeal by raising its contribution substantially over the 2003 level.” Oh yeah, nothing like giving your enemies, who have threatened to nuke you, more money so they can build up their army and construct more WMDs. Great plan for peace, NCC!

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