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John's Realm - Site Updates

12/18/02: Finally updated the main page!

09/12/02: Updated the main page (finally), and added photos from the UK trip. You can visit the website by clicking here.

07/18/02: Updated the main page, added an archives page for July and August. Vote Jim Henry!

07/06/02: Updated the main page, added Memphis pictures to the Opinions, Thoughts & Photography section.

06/14/02: Finally updated the main page.

05/12/02: Updated the main page, and added Cumberland University Photos, part one and part two. Also removed the links to some of the older Writings and Photography from the main page. You can still see them by visiting Opinions, Thoughts, & Photography.

05/06/02: Made an update to Ghosts & Spirits of Tennessee.

04/25/02: Updated the main page.

04/09/02: Updated the main page and added photography from Columbia, TN.

04/05/02: Updated the main page, including adding an explanation behind my site. Also added photography from Paris & Dresden, TN, and writings about Evita Peron, Gulf War, and Apollo 13.

03/29/02: Urgent news bulletin: I just updated the error page! Enjoy!

03/28/02: Updated the Main Page, gave the entire site and subsites an overhaul, and added a new subsite Ghosts & Legends of Tennessee. Biggest update since this site moved. Enjoy!

03/18/02: Updated the Main Page, and added Photography of Franklin, TN, using the style which I hope will eventually become standard all over this site. Also made and update to Classic Nick Homepage. Visit the updates page there for details.

02/23/02: Made a minor update to the Main Page and added Ghosts & Spirits of Tennessee: The Bell Witch, a new subsite.

02/22/02: Updated the Main Page.

02/07/02: Updated the Main Page.

01/29/02: Updated the Main page and added State Capitol to Photography.

01/23/02: Updated the Main page and added past headliners for January & February, 2002

01/16/02: Added The CU Room Checks

01/06/02: Happy New Year! Finally made the main page update and am doing work on the rest of the site. Facelift time!

11/28/01: Finally did the "weekly" update with a tribute to Classic Nick!

10/25/01: Added Around Lebanon, TN to the Photo Journeys section.

10/21/01: Did the weekly update, and added Big South Fork to Opinions & Thoughts.

10/16/01: Did the "weekly" update about a month late.

09/12/01: Did the weekly update.

09/05/01: Finally Updated the main page.

08/23/01: Did the weekly update at a bizarre time.

08/17/01: Online Genealogy Project is now open. I also did some updates to Classic Nick Homepage a few days ago... Visit the Updates page there for more info.

08/12/01: Did the weekly update.

08/05/01: Weekly Update time. Also changed something in the probably never read Terms of Use

07/29/01: Did the weekly update.

07/27/01: Added Original Guestbook recreation to the Archives.

07/25/01: Added the photo journey/subsite hybrid From Tennessee to Thunder Bay: A Trip Around Lake Superior, complete with cheesy, self-made logo. Also, happy birthday to my pal Samantha!

07/23/01: Did the weekly update a day late due to the Canadian trip. The pictures from the trip should be online later this week.

07/15/01: Did the weekly update.

07/13/01: Added the Rugby, TN article to Opinions & Thoughts, and also added a link to it on the main page.

07/11/01: Yes, I've been updating like crazy lately. Added all the Photos from "Past Headliner Photos" to the Past Headliners Page in the Archives.

07/10/01: Classic Nick Homepage is now open.

07/09/01: Updated some of the links.

07/08/01: Did the weekly update. Almost have Classic Nick Homepage open.

07/02/01: Did the weekly update (yeah, I know a day late... but since I was late, I had more to report :-P)

07/01/01: Changed the quote of the week.

06/24/01: Did the weekly update.

06/19/01: Added "My Views on The Blue Route" to OPINIONS & THOUGHTS.

06/17/01: Did the usual update to the main page, added "Around Roane County", and added Archives section for June Headliners.

06/13/01:(barely) Added "Fentress, Overton, and Pickett County Trip".

06/10/01: Did the weekly update to the main page, and archived the usual stuff. Updated the Links page, and the Crash Holly area. Added a question to FAQ.

06/09/01: Added "Roane County Park", and title "Generic Stuff" was changed to "OPINIONS & THOUGHTS".

06/04/01: Revamped Crash Holly Site.

06/03/01: Updated the main pages, archived old quote, image and headliner.

06/02/01: Added a BeSeen Quizlet to the main page. Added more info to the Contacting Me section.

05/28/01: Updated Main page, and moved article for May 13 to the Archives, as well as the picture. Also added Deer Lodge Trip to Opinions & Thoughts.

05/27/01: Added John's World to the archives as well as an overview of John's Realm, which I also linked to the main menu on the main page. Added a new quote of the week, and moved to the old one to the Archives. Added links to Cumberland University and Roane State to the Links page, and changed the link to John's World. Added the John's Realm logo to the top of my guestbook.

05/23/01: I found out that the facelift didn't work well on Microsoft Internet Explorer, so I had to redo the whole thing. I have now tested the new design on AOL, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Netscape, and it appears to work well for all of them. If it doesn't work for you, e-mail me at Thanks!
I also moved the past headliner article into past updates for May, since I no longer had room for it.

05/22/01: Gave the main page a facelift, adding tables to better encourage navigation.

05/21/01: Redid some of the HTML codes to make navigation easier.

05/20/2001: Uploaded 12 pics and used them for a new page at Opinions & Thoughts about White Oak. Updated main page. Added Search Engine to all the category main pages, and the subsites. Archived old headliner article for May 1, and quote of the week. Made a new page in Archives for Headliner articles from May, 2001.

05/17/2001: Uploaded some images, and used them to make a new page at Opinions & Thoughts called "A Walk in the Yard." Did some tweaking to the episode guide from "John's Shrine to The Wonder Years". Added an images from my graduation to the main page as the new headliner image, and moved the previous one to Past Headliner Images, which I also just created today. Linked this page to the Archives Main page.

05/15/2001: Uploaded an image from RSCC graduation (courtesy RSCC.CC.TN.US.) for use soon. I also updated the Crash Holly site, and did some housekeeping work on the Wonder Years site.

05/14/2001: Changed the name of "My Shrine to The Wonder Years" to "John's Shrine to The Wonder Years" to make it more appealing to links.

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