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Past Headliners for August 2001

Have you ever wondered what really shapes our reality? I mean, do we have a destiny, or are we just all floating around? That's one question that has challenged philosophers and common folk alike for thousands of years. Will we ever know the answer? Probably not in this lifetime anyway. As for me, I couldn't answer that question, but if I had to I guess I'd have to agree with Forest Gump: "maybe it's both.. both are happening." Sometimes things happen that make no sense, but other things happen that just appear to be too coincidental not to have been planned. I think that perhaps what happens to us is not always as important as how we respond to it. The wisdom of the cliche "Today is the first day of the rest of your life", though worn out, is still very true. The fact is this: we are always at a crossroads in our lives. Granted sometimes it is more obvious than others, but what we decide in simple everyday situations (ex: will I try to beat that yellow light, will I wave at someone I know) can indeed have reprocussions that can be felt for years. The bottom line is this: we do have a destiny. As to whether or not we decide what it is ourselves, or whether a higher power does it for us is a mystery. Perhaps the answer truly lies somewhere between those two extremes.

News of the Week

August 23, 2001: No huge update this week, other than this is my first week at CU. It's going fairly well, I guess, not major complaints. I'm still stumbling around campus and meeting new people. My roommates seem cool. So I guess it's been nice, hopefully it will continue to improve.

I'm making a weird update, I know, but I just managed to get everything fixed up yesterday on this computer. Thanks for understanding. I will be working the archives section soon. I promise to try to add more next week!

August 12, 2001: I'll leave the opening article up for the time being, until I can think of a better one :-). As for me, I've been doing tons of soul searching as of late, and have made a decision: I want to be a television writer! It's an idea I've kicked around in my head for quite some time now (a couple years, actually), but I guess I never really took it seriously until now. But now I am going to give it the old college try and see what happens. It probably means I will have to take some classes related to it, which, as far as I know, CU doesn't have. Stay tuned.

I'm nervous and excited at the same time about moving to CU (which occurs this Fri, to be exact). I guess doubts are only natural though. I'm still planning to major in history, with a minor in entertainment writing (I've been researching the whole thing, but haven't found out what the official name of the major is). No word yet on how this will effect CU.

But that's a wrap for this week. Vote in my poll!

August 5, 2001: As you can see I have tried something different this week in my updates. I think this is a fairly good article and I really hope you like it. In other news this week, the time for the move to CU is drawing nearer. In fact, I was out there this week, and I have also bought some utensils for it. It's time to say good bye to many of my old friends here, but fear not, I shall do my best too keep in touch. Plus, I am not a hard man too find (just type into your computer!).

I guess I shall sign out for this week. Have an outstanding week, and keep cool!

Note: This article ran for almost the entire month of August, as did the Welcome to Lebanon sign.


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