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Headliners for July 2001

July 2, 2001:

Welcome to the NEW John's Realm! I am very glad I was able to obtain my own domain, and have now got most of it up and running at near potential! I'm still working on getting Classic Nick Homepage here (I'm almost done, but am wanting to add some new features to it). I'll launch the genealogy project soon too. This is a great time, and I hope everyone likes this!

This has been a pretty good week for me. Today I went to Lebanon, and met with my advisor at Cumberland University. I got my schedule, and I'm taking two history classes. That should be fun considering my interest in that subject. It looks like I might possibly get to count my newspaper credits as a Litt too (keep your fingers crossed!)! I also found out that I was awarded the Stockton Grant, since I had recieved an AA Degree from Roane State. Nice! Next week I go back and should get my housing info. The newspaper and Yearbook staff looms as well....

Otherwise this week has been fraught with getting this site up and running. I've still got a few minor bugs to work out (let me know if you see any i.e. picture that doesn't load, broken link, etc.), but overall it's going pretty good. I even figured out FTP (wow!).

Well I suppose that's enough for this week. Stay Tuned!

Photo: Cumberland University Clock Tower, Lebanon, TN. Taken July 2, 2001.

July 8, 2001:

Today was a bitter sweet day. I went to church to hear the Rev. John Stone give his last sermon at First Presbyterian Church. It was a good sermon as usual, but it just proved that he will be missed. I did not go to church as often as I should (and that is being extremely kind to myself). I did not hear the sermons every week. Those I heard were good, and I wish I would have went more. However, I knew Rev. Stone in a capacity probably no one else at my church knew him in: I knew him as a teacher.

Being a Pastor of a church certainly does involve teaching, to be sure. However, teaching at a school is much different than preaching. In school, even college, you must always watch what you say so as not to say anything controversial and offend someone. Mr. Stone was a great teacher. He helped me see that I wanted to be a teacher, and pointed me in the right direction. His class was one of my all-time favorites, because he encouraged group interaction. It's a shame there are not more teachers like him out there. When I become a teacher, I only hope that I can be half as much fun (and thought provoking as he was).

I will remember him as a Preacher as well. I only wish I had taken the time and went to church more. I will always remember him as a great teacher and a great Pastor. I wish the Rev. John B. Stone well in his future challenges. With that in mind, I want to dedicate this weeks' update to him.

And so I am back again to share more with the public. On a more positive note, my fall at Cumberland is really shaping up well. Tuesday I head out there for transfer orientation. I'm looking forward to it, because hopefully I can meet some of my fellow students and faculty there. So far everyone seems to be really nice, and I'm getting excited.

Otherwise, this has just been a lazy summer week. It's too hot to do anything outside right now, and try as I might, I can't develop a tan. Oh wellŠ I guess I'll survive.

Well I guess that'll do it for this week. Thanks for stopping by!

July 15, 2001

Summer is slowly passing by, and with that our minds return to school. I'm looking to the fall with excitement, because it will be totally uncharted territory. I have my reservations about it because, well, it's totally uncharted territory. Then again, so is everything the first time it happens. Above you see the sign greeting visitors to my soon-to-be home away from home, Lebanon, Tennessee. It's called a small town, but I'm from Harriman and Lebanon just doesn't seem that small to me (though it is when compared to New York City, L.A., even Knoxville and Nashville). Lebanon is also known as one of the last places to find an authentic town square. In fact, I had never seen one until I visited Lebanon. Pretty nifty, indeed.

While we're on the subject of uncharted territory, I embark on a trip into some tomorrow, as the great Canadian trip kicks off. I've never been to Canada, and a trip to the Great White North will certainly be something new and refreshing, not unlike a trip to Europe would have been (before hoof and mouth disease went and got it canceled. blah). On the way I get to see Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan. Pretty nice. I'm sure I'll take tons of pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I recently added these, which I got in Rugby, TN.

Well as I leave on vacation, I can only hope that this site does not go down like it did for about seventeen hours this week. While it was down I scrambled to get it back up, eventually simply having to write the hosting service and letting them take care of it. Going down was something I did not want to see, and I was quite unhappy. I apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.

I'm out. Have a great week everyone!

July 23, 2001

Last night I returned from my excursion into the Great White North. Actually it was more like this morning, at 2 AM, which explains why I am a day late again. Ontario was great. I managed to take around 300 pictures while passing through there and these states: Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. We pretty much drove up Highway 27 and I-75 most of the way, and crossed over into Canada at Sault Ste Marie, which is in both Michigan and Ontario. We also stopped at Mackinaw, Michigan, which was a very fascinating place. In Canada, we traveled along highway 17 to Thunder Bay (making a stop at Wawa), then came back south into the U.S. (Minnesota to be exact) on Highway 61. Quite a nifty trip, if I do say so.

The trip took up the entire week, so not too much else to report. It seems that Roane State is still in search of a President (in fact they've started over). I hope they find a good one. Also, my article about the Blue Route (which appeared in The Roane County News) has made some waves in my area. Oh, the controversy!

Keep watching for some pictures from the trip. I'll try to have them up sometime this week. Have a great week!

July 29, 2001

Another week, another great adventure, this time into the Kentucky Wilderness. While not as far away as Canada, we braved more dangers on this trip due to flooding. After suffering through a drought and farmers praying for rain for months, the prayers were answered - all at once. Still, we need rain, and the extreme heat has been terrible as of late. Hopefully this will take care of that. Either that or make it infinitely more stuffy. I'm sure you can guess which I'm pulling for.

I got all my pictures from the great trip online, and you can see them by clicking here. There were so many I wanted to post that I had to make an almost entirely new website for them. So this kind of is a hybrid between a subsite and a photo journey. It's pretty spiffy if I do say so myself.

Only about three more weeks until I leave for CU and embrace the future. I seriously need to get some shopping done!

I guess that's all the news of this week. Stay tuned!

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