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Past Headliners for May 2001

May 1, 2001:

As we inch closer towards graduation, I continue to be nostalgic... Actually I finally got my digital camera, and have been putting it to good use. Look for some more pictures on here in the next few days.

Wahoo, I finally got a better bio on here and I also now have a page dedicated to Contacting me. Here's the link to the Bio page, and here's the link to the contacting me page.

I've also built a page dedicated to the Truman Show, one of my all-time favorite movies... Yeah you can see I've been keeping busy. All this and studying for my finals. Luckily I don't have too many finals this semester, but I have one tomorrow (ugh!). Here's The Truman Show.

Astute followers of this page will note that the wrestling link on the sidebar has been replaced by a Major Pages link. The reason for this was that the only wrestling page I was maintaining was the Crash Holly Page, and I needed somewhere to include a link to the Truman Show page without adding a new chioce on the bar. The result: The Major Pages category, which has all the major websites I have built using this site. Astute fans will also notice that the file name "misccrap" has ben replaced simply by "misc". Although I found it humorous to have a file with the word crap in the title, I decided it was too much. What if I need to write a really sincere article? It might seem a little disrespectful to do it in a column called "Misccrap". I also moved the AOL Instant Messenger icon to the contacting me page. I hope you like!

Well I guess that does it for now. Keep watching for my reflections article!

May 6, 2001:

Well I'm back for more fun. Dilligent followers of this page will note that I gave it an almost complete facelift. The reason for this was that the frames were cumbersome to deal with. They only work if you enter through the front. So I decided to drop them in favor of the bar at the top. I also divided the site into eight "categories" (plus the Dreambook), so each gets a link. I will hopefully be making navigation easier in the next couple of days. You probably also noticed the new background. I like it, what do you think?

For those of you who are wondering, the image to the left was taken by myself off the Wiley E. Summers Bridge, in Camp Austin, TN. I'm sure most of you are saying "Where?". This is located in Morgan County, near Oakdale. It's really a very nice place. And on that note, I plan to start putting a new "headliner image" on this page tentatively every week! I think this will add some flavor to it.

Well in other news, I am hopefully going to be making a trip to Cananda this summer. Yeah, I'm pretty excited. I need to do something to fill the void left by the nixed European Trip. That would certainly fit the bill.

Oh yeah, I got the RSCC Memories pages up and running. Just click here for Rememberances: RSCC, or here for RSCC pics.

Well I guess that clears up everything for now. I will return soon :-)

Note added later: I just added a search engine to this site, but since it's 11:38 PM, I will have to talk more about it later. Sorry!

View from Wiley E. Summers Bridge, Camp Austin, TN (Morgan County). Photo taken May 6, and headlined from May 6 - May 17, 2001.

May 13, 2001:

Friday (May 11) was the big night. An emotional time indeed, as I graduated from Roane State. An era comes to an end, but a new one is about to start. Will the new one be as good? I can only hope. Either way, I'm going to miss a lot at RSCC. My friends, my teachers, just about anything. The winds of change are definitely blowing. But I'll stop before I get to misty eyed.

Another cool thing that went down this past week were our monologues from The Spoon River Anthology. This was the final grade for Fundamentals of Acting. I think they all went pretty well. I screwed up a couple of lines, but I don't think anyone noticed (or so they tell me). It was fun to do them in front of an audience (of six people, but hey, I guess that qualifies). To read an overview, click here, or just go to Opinions & Thoughts. Enjoy!

It's been a week since I last did an updated to the main page, so I decided to pop up again to do one. As some will recall, I said last week I'd change the headliner image every week. I decided this was asking just a little too much. Since I only get 50 MB of space, adding completely new image every week would deplete that fairly quickly, unless I delete them, which I really don't want too do. Plus the picture I have up now seems to be pretty popular, so I'll leave it up for at least another week.

I made some updates to both the Humor and the Opinions & Thoughts sections. And I also added a search engine. I hope it's useful to people. I will be adding it to the main pages of all the main sections soon, as well as the subsites. Speaking on subsites, I recently (May 10) added a new one. The Wonder Years now has it's own site! To see it, just click here. Of course you can always just go to my Subsites section too. I hope everyone enjoys it. I also added a something else to Opinions & Thoughts. I didn't write it, but I really liked it. Click here to read "The Earth as a Small Village." It's impossible to read this and not feel lucky.

I guess that concludes the updates for this week. Stay tuned, and Happy Mother's Day!

Note added on May 17: I added this pic from graduation. I hope you like it. (photo courtesy RSCC Website).

May 20, 2001:
'Tis I yet again, and yes I should be in Europe right now! Stupid hoof and mouth disease had to wreak havoc on my trip. I'm not mad though... well, not much anyway. But in other, more positive things, it's hard to believe it's been a year since my great trip to the Southwest U.S. Maybe I'll put something about it on this site soon (don't hold me too that, now!). That was certainly a fun time, and I got to see some of the people I went with at graduation last week. Speaking of graduation, the picture to the left is of just that (I think I *might* be able to see myself in there... can anyone else?). It's one of the few photos on this site that I didn't take myself (it came from RSCC website). Another good thing: I went to church today. Yep, you read that right, after not going in forever, I finally went back. It was pretty nice to see everyone again. I plan to start going more often now.

Life since graduation has treated me well. It's hard to believe I'm actually a college graduate now. Well, sort of. An associates degree is not as far as I want to go, so two more years of school await me, probably more. For right now though, I can bask in the fact that I am a college graduate. It's nice not to have classes or a job. Total freedom to do almost anything I want.

Speaking of graduation, my cousin Darren graduated from Oakdale High yesterday (May 19). I think he enjoyed high school a tad bit more than I did... Well actually a whole lot more.

Well, in site related news, I added the search engine to the main page of all of my categories, and to each of the three subsites. Perhaps that will make navigation easier. I also got some fairly nice photos in White Oak and in my Yard. To see them, click here for White Oak, and here for my yard. I also added a site updates page, to help keep everyone on top of what's going on, as well as to keep day by day records. Click here to view it.

I guess that does it for now. Congrats go out to my cousin Darren for his graduation, and also (a little late) to my buddy Amy for her nineteenth birthday!


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