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Mission & History

As of May 27, 2001 - John's Realm was open for business on Hometown AOL, on Feb. 19, 2000. Sort of, only then it wasn't even called John's Realm, but rather "John's World." Unfortunately, I don't have the original website saved anywhere, but I did back it up after a November update. To view John's Realm, as it originally appeared, just click here. John's World is part of the direct lineage of John's Realm, even though it has a different name. It was created because the idea of having my own website appealed to me, albeit a very simple one.

As 2000 wore on, I designed a couple of other webpages, such as a list of my top 40 songs of all time (a link to it can be found at John's World), and one dedicated to classic cartoons and television shows of the 1980s (which I still maintain). John's Realm was different, however. This was a site that would serve as both.

I started planning for John's Realm in March of 2001. I surveyed Hometown AOL, which I deemed to be too simple, and not offer enough storage. I also considered Geocities, before finally settling on Tripod. While the pop up ad is certainly annoying, I can tolerate it for a free site. I also like having my own subdomain.

On June 24, 2001 I reserved my own domain name, And the rest is history!

Mission and Goals

The mission is simple: To serve as a median for expression. The ideas are too keep my ideas and activities saved as sort of a journal, which is (ideally) enjoyable to read. I like to write, so this works out good for me. Hopefully I can get the interest of many people, from family members and friends, to complete strangers, and keep them coming back for more. I really would like to hear what you think. Drop me a line at Thanks!

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