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Headliners - July & Aug 2002

I spent June 25-28 in Memphis, TN, which is about six hours from my home in Harriman. Memphis is a quaint city, located in the Southwestern corner of the state, and is probably best known as the birthplace of blues, and the home of Elvis Presley. We spent most of the time in Memphis, though we did go to Meridian, Mississippi for a day, which was equally fun, if a bit more confusing. I got to visit Heather there, so it's all good.

While in Memphis, I continued my ghost hunting, as well as visited many landmarks, such as Beale Street, Graceland, the Pyramid, and the Mighty Mississippi River. Also made stops at the Fontaine House and Shiloh (I'm such a history buff).

Of course, I didn't escape our lousy legislature, which made history in their own dubious way, but becoming the first legislature in the history of Tennessee to actually shut down state government. Only a last minute move by Governor Don Sundquist managed to keep essential workers such as police officers on the job. Those elected officials in the House and Senate of this state are, without a doubt, the worst example of cowardice and stupidity I have ever seen. Their inability to do anything caused 22,000 workers to not be able to report to work for three days. This is rough if you depend on every cent.

I generally don't discuss politics on this site, but I am going to make an exception. I hereby endorse every opponent to every House and Senate member up for reelection this year. Vote every single one of them out, I say. They have succeeded in demonizing their opposition (as well as Gov. Sundquist, whom I admire for having a spine, unlike most other officials).

Anyway, I guess that takes care of that mini-rant. In all fairness, the 102 General Assembly of the state of Tennessee managed to pass a budget at long last, but it's still annoying. Vote against all incumbents!

In other news, you can see the photos from Memphis by clicking right here!

Photo: Taken in Memphis, TN on June 25, 2002. This headliner ran from July 6 until July 18, 2002.

Yes, I know I don't usually use this site to push a political agenda, but hey, it's my site, right? And right now I feel I should encourage everyone who lives and votes in Tennessee to go out to the polls on August 1st, and vote for Jim Henry for Governor in the Republican Primary, even if you are not a Republican. I will explain why...

Jim Henry is a strong consensus builder, and that is exactly what we need in a governor right now. He has worked closely with both former Republican Governor Lamar Alexander and former Democratic Governor Ned McWherter. Personally, I am not a Republican (I'm an Independent), but Mr. Henry has convinced me that he is the best person for the job. If you live in Tennessee, you know all the problems it has had in the last few years. Jim Henry has the most experience of any candidate in either party, having served in the U.S. Navy, as a State Representative for twelve years, House Minority Leader, mayor of Kingston, and a CEO.

Another reason I've supported Mr. Henry is his candor about state politics. Henry recognizes that there is a problem in this state, and he wants to fix it. How he wants to fix it is unique: he wants to allow the people to vote on how to fix it. No other candidate has suggested this.

Van Hilleary, self-proclaimed "GOP front-runner," has said nothing of substance, having only pandered to voters about how he can fix state government without any new taxes. Van Hilleary also lacks any real experience in managing government, and has shown his total arrogance by refusing to debate the issues with Henry, which is a slap in the face to all voters in the State (Actually, Van Hilleary himself said that when a candidate refuses to debate, he is insulting the voters, back when he was running for State Senate!). Democratic "front-runner" Phil Bredesen isn't much better, as he has simply pandered to voters as well, while offering no real solutions to the problems.

If you know much about Tennessee, you know are schools aren't exactly national leaders. We need someone who can improve them. In my opinion, improving our schools is the most important issue in this campaign. Mr. Henry can do this. He was instrumental in building the Better Education Program during the 1980s.

If you want to read more about Mr. Henry, just visit his website by clicking here. I hope you will consider voting for him.

Update: Van Hilleary defeated Jim Henry in the Republican Primary on August 1, 2002, setting up a race between two of the worst candidates imaginable: Republican Van Hilleary versus Democrat Phil Bredesen. I think I'll do a write-in vote for myself.

This headliner ran from July 18 until September 12, 2002.


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