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Headliners - May & June 2002

Another year has come and gone...

Yes, another year has flown by as we continue our journey towards death. And on that happy note, I must take the time to congratulate all my graduate friends, including Genti, Arjana, and Trevor. May you be blessed in whatever avenue you chose to pursue. I know you will all go far.

As you've probably figured out by this point, CU's graduation happened recently. The 160th Commencement Ceremony took place on May 11, 2002. As with all graduations, it was happy and sad, impressive and depressing, and exciting and boring all rolled into one. It appears as though most (but not all) of my friends will not be returning to CU (Remember, you still have time to reconsider (-: ). As for me, we shall see... Stay tuned..

So now that classes are over and summer is on, what do I do? I have no clue. Perhaps I'll get a job of some sort, I really need one. A road trip into New England also sounds nice, but might not be economically feasible if the trip to the United Kingdom ends up happening in August. One thing is for certain though: no summer classes this year!

So I hope everyone has a wonderful summer. I hope all my friends will remain in touch with me, I printed out all those business cards for a reason! Have a great summer, and stay cool...

Notes: Check out this link for pictures taken at CU this year. I've also taken down some of the links on the left bar. To visit older writtings and photography, please visit the Opinions, Thoughts & Photography section.

Photo: Taken May 11, 2002 on the campus of CU. This headliner ran from May 12, 2002 until June 14, 2002.

This Summer, I'm Lazy..

Yes, it appears that this summer, I've fallen asleep at the wheel, and neglected to update this site for over a month. I hope my oh-so-many loyal fans will forgive me for this oversight. I'd like to say I've been far to busy to update it, but in all honesty, it's just been laziness. Sorry! I have managed to make some updates to update paranormal section, as well as a minor update to Classic Nick Homepage.

Speaking of paranormal, I've been continuing to ghost hunt and collect lore. It's fun! And in less than two months, I head to the United Kingdom, which I am looking forward to very much indeed. I'm sure I'll load up this site with funness, maybe even do another photography/subsite hybrid. Stay tuned!

Well, that's everything for now. I'll be back sooner this time!

Photo: Taken in Johnson City, TN This headliner ran from June 14, 2002 until July 6, 2002.


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